1942, Deadly Summer

a documentary film : 1942, Deadly Summer
Director : Daniel Leconte
Length : 45 '
Year : 1998
Producer : Daniel Leconte


August 1942. Barely a few weeks after the Vel d’Hiv round-up, French authorities proceed to arrest 12000 foreign Jews who came to find refuge in the French “Free Zone”. In the South of France, policemen and state troopers are mobilized for the operation. This round-up organized by the French administration has led thousands of men, women and children straight to Nazi extermination camps. Shlomo Wajnbaum was a young man then and lived in the sunny little town of Millau. We followed him as he came back for the first time in Millau since the 1942 round-up. He tells his incredible story for the first time. He went through tens of labor camps during WWII and established himself in Israel when the war ended. An emotional story and a stunning account of France’s responsibility in the deportation of Jews during the collaboration.