American Paradox

a documentary film : American Paradox
Director : Julien Leconte et Franck Guerin
Author : Julien Leconte
Length : 45'
Year : 2008
Producer : DOC EN STOCK / ARTE

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Despite all the myths and cliches of American political apathy, American democracy is alive and well among America's youth. Look no further than the Berkeley campus in California, where politicking and campaigning is everywhere. In the mid 60's, on the campus of Berkeley, the Free Speech Movement was born, a forerunner to the great upheavals of the 1967-69 protests. Forty years later, political struggles still resonate throughout the campus. Each day between 10am and 3pm, supporters of different political affiliations deploy their messages and calls to action all around the campus, with leaflets and banners abound. And by the beginning of 2008, the passions hit fever pitch in the lead-up to the presidential election. Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, supporters of gay marriage or pro-life supporters, they are all committed. For here democracy marches full speed ahead and everyone has the right to speak as he or she wishes. What are the dreams of these young Americans? What do they want for their country and the world? A surprising documentary that reveals the amazing American democratic vitality, contrary to what we're told.