My bank and me

a documentary film : My bank and me
Director : Isabelle Vigouroux
Length : 46'
Year : 2009
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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At a time when the economic and financial crisis is raging. At a time when banks are cutting off the taps. At a time when everyone wonders how they are going to repay their loans and mounting debts... This film tells the inside story of individuals and businesses, who believed in their banker, only to find themselves in dangerous and dramatic situations... Portraits of people losing all of their money in failed investments, others falling into excessive debt... banks turning their backs on individual and corporate clients, as well as small businesses who are now forced to struggle to stay afloat. Financial counselors confess to the camera the pressures to make profits at the expense of the clients ... And very personal stories recount how our relationship to money has been forever shattered.