Chongqing : the World’s Largest City

a documentary film : Chongqing : the World’s Largest City
Director : Sophie Lepault
Length : 50 '
Year : 2006
Producer : Daniel Leconte


Mr WU is the Deputy Mayor of Chongqing, a city still unknown by many Westerners. He is working at providing housing to the 30 million inhabitants of his municipality!
In 2010, Chongqing will be the most powerful city in central China. It will definitely have worldwide influence in 2030. Mr WU is in charge of developing the world’s largest building site, a boom city which absorbs 200,000 farmers each year! Chongqing’s challenge is emblematic of modern China. It needs to develop every sector simultaneously: real estate, education, research, advertising, fashion, culture, healthcare, advanced technologies as well as the fight against pollution and social inequality… This astonishing film shows – that beyond Beijing and Shanghai – the whole country is moving forward at a stunning pace!