Desperately Seeking God

a documentary film : Desperately Seeking God
Director : Leslie Asako Gladsjo
Length : 26 '
Year : 2001
Producer : Daniel Leconte


Los Angeles, the "City of Angels" is deemed to be a city without a soul, a symbol of a decadent America where everything is for sale. In this city that embodies the California dream and nightmare, we look at three amazing individuals of different faiths, and basically nothing in common... spiritually, culturally, or socially. They just all happen to live in Los Angeles, and share a need to believe, it's a quest for God. This film shows us a couple of followers of the Crystal Cathedral, the impressive church that produced the most watched religious broadcast in the world "The Hour of Power". We met an ex-gangster converted to Islam or Michael, the Hollywood actor who became a Zen priest. An astonishing film, which shows people driven by a common force: a diehard need to believe.