Eight Angry Journalists

a documentary film : Eight Angry Journalists
Director : Denis Jeambar, François Bordes & Stanislas Kraland
Length : 26'
Year : 2010

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Breaking news... as we know it: The internet has taken us into a new era of news and information. Some have embraced this ever-expanding information revolution, yet it leaves many concerned about what the future holds. For better or for worse, the news and information landscape has changed forever. 

 And this is where Denis Jeambar comes into the picture. The former President of the Directory of French magazine group Express-Expansion wanted to turn the written press model on its head. And so he was ready to give "carte blanche" to eight influential media professionals: a mix of journalists, chief editors, and media owners who are all at the “heart of the press machine". And each of them have some pretty strong words for what they deem an industry gone astray... where the news is bad across the board, and is posing a real threat to democracy.