The last journey

a documentary film : The last journey
Director : Isabelle Cottenceau
Length : 48'
Year : 2009
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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What happens when our parents become old and what should we choose for them? Protect them, give them an honorable end of life. This film tells the story of this unfailing bond which unites us to our elders, whatever happens, while time is running out. What are the options? Place them in a Nursing home? In a Home care? Anticipate? Adapt? Denial? Aging is experienced and told by the children, the spouses, the grandchildren, covering a large range of emotions which gets us to the core of intimacy, making the language plain, honest, but also fierce. Four family histories, reaching a universal dimension, point up feelings and situations that we have surely experienced or that we will experience. A film full of humanity, strong feelings and emotions, a film which touches us deep inside.