The Wet Dreams Festival

a documentary film : The Wet Dreams Festival
Director : Yvonne Debeaumarché
Author : Yvonne Debeaumarché
Length : 45'
Year : 2008
Producer : DOC EN STOCK / ARTE France


This film recounts an amazing adventure that took place in 1971 in Amsterdam. An adventure that has never been revisited in documentaries. Dozens of young men and women from Europe and the US come together for an erotic arthouse film festival: the wet dreams festival. Many intellectuals, writers, designers, and anti-authoritarian activists participate. The event stands as a symbol of the revolt against the established order and make a clean sweep from moral straitjackets - religion, marriage, sexual fidelity... Forty years later a number of these participants return to look back at this revolutionary event. In retrospect how do they regard this unique moment? Where are they now?