The Siba Benamar Case

a documentary film : The Siba Benamar Case
Director : Marisa Cattini
Length : 52'
Year : 2009
Producer : Daniel Leconte


This film traces back the astonishing story of a robber and repeat offender with a many-sided personality: Benamar Siba, alias BB, has a huge police record. He's a regular jail-goer. Then will come the time of redemption and media attention: Bénamar Siba becomes Barabbas. While he's serving a sentence, he discovers theatre. His life takes a new turn. When he gets out of jail, he meets stage directors, and then writes a play telling the story of his own life. As his theatre career ris taking off, he relapses. Bénamar Siba allegedly served as a henchman for the Hornec clan, the famous "godfathers" of the Parisian milieu. Today, he is serving 4 and half years in prison. His case is now being examined for aggravated robbery. Next step, the Assize court in 2011 or 2012. So who is Benamar Siba ? Why and how did he fall into organized crime? What are his connections with the cream of the Parisian mob? Has Benamar Siba really tried to leave the past behind or should we consider him as an example of the famous saying « he that will steal an egg will steal an ox »?