a documentary film : THE GONCOURT PRIZE : PLACE YOUR BETS !
Director : Fabrice Gardel & Antoine Vitkine
Length : 52 '
Year : 2005
Producer : Doc en Stock - Canal + - Planète


This documentary allows us to discover, for the first time, the
"shady side" of literary awards. A journey which reveals the truth about the typically French Goncourt institution. In concrete terms, what are the selection criteria ? Who is really pulling the strings in this game : the jurors, the publishers, the press or the writers? Do jurors all resist in the same way to these famous « pressures » that we so much talk about ? What are the economic stakes of literary prizes? Where is the real power lying? Manipulation, brainwashing, lousy tricks, false rumors and real top picks.... This funny, precise and
incisive film tells about this incredible and complex interplay of desire, interests, envy, heart picks and vicious attacks....
Far from clichés, this film tells us week after week, from June to November, the way "the game is played". The film is contructed like a "whodunnit" with strong characters who each have cards up their sleeves: from François Nourissier, unquestionably one of the great Masters of the game, to Philippe Sollers who is funny and caustic. From Edmonde Charles Roux, the highly influential "president" of the jury, to Michel Tournier.... The film shows us what goes on behind the scenes in publishing houses, in national newspapers, in literary shows...until a visit with a government minister....This "Goncourt diary" takes place in St Germain des Près and tells us a "human comedy" worthy of a real Novel....