Director : Yvonne Debeaumarché
Author : Yvonne Debeaumarché
Length : 52'
Year : 2010
Producer : Daniel Leconte


The HIV will certainly remain in the history of medicine as one of its biggest successes. As the cause of a real bloodbath during the 80s and the first half of the 90s, more and more doctors do not any more hesitate to talk about the HIV as a chronic disease. If we do not cure of HIV, triple therapy treatments are available since 1996 and ceaselessly improve, allowing today to live with the virus. In fact, HIV is not synonymic any more of AIDS: more than 80 % of the patients are in therapeutic successes, it is more than the diabetes. Today HIV-positive couple can give birth to a non infected child. But HIV is still a social and cultural taboo and to speak about it remain very difficult for those who have to live with it. Beyond treatments, living with HIV implies another way of living sexual relations, relationships with others and love. The promise of a vaccine being incessantly delayed, what are the solutions so that one day we can finally speak about the end of AIDS? How can we effectively prevent it? This movie will review the strong medical success on the fight against AIDS today and will investigate into the success but also the failures of the HIV.

Strong and directed to life without pessimism, this movie shows the reality of HIV today.