When Men Are Pregnant

a documentary film : When Men Are Pregnant
Director : Sophie Lepault & Capucine Lafait
Length : 50 '
Year : 2005
Producer : Daniel Leconte


Is maternity the ultimate difference between men and women ? We meet those who challenge that distinction : couples in which both partners experience pregnancy, men who fantasize about childbirth… This film casts new light on the issue of maternity.
This documentary opens with a disturbing scene : a "pregnant" man walking in the streets of New York City seriously tells us about his pregnancy then meets his gynaecologist and mentions the birth date…Are we dealing with reality or fiction ? Based on peculiar stories, this film makes us wonder: is maternity the distinguishing feature of women? What would happen if men were to be the child bearers? As the film tackles these issues, it ends with mentioning the latest research concerning the artificial uterus. First step to "remove the baby" from the mother’s womb.