a documentary film : THE UNDERGROUND BUSINESS
Director : Eric Merlen & Frederic Ploquin
Length : 50 '
Year : 2003
Producer : Daniel Leconte


One figure : in France, the illegal market of drugs and theft represents more than 50 billions of Euros ! However the phrases referring to the « bizness » of young people have long tried to downplay things. Yet this investigation led by two journalists shows that there is a real traffic which is organized and structured. Drugs represent about 60% of the traffics. Networks go from Morocco to France, which is Europe’ s mainspring. The purpose of this film is to reveal part of this real illegal market. For some people it’ s a market for survival, for others it’ s a structured market which is « almost a Mafia ».
The merit of this film, punctuated by the interventions of experts, is to treat the topic with figures and arguments and without any pathos. Thus it allows to clearly distinguish the real « mafiosi » from others.