Director : Christine Lamazière
Length : 47 '
Year : 2005
Producer : Daniel Leconte


When you can’t change your love relationship, you change your partner !
In France, out of 300,000 celebrated weddings (or marriages), almost half of them end on a divorce. Paris wins the palm of break-ups : every other couple throws in the towel and 35% of families are single-parent and represent 4 millions of children…
Today it is so « easy » to get a divorce that the constituents of the couple and the family have deeply changed. But what’s the effect on children ? How do they experience the separation when their parents become a « parental couple » even before they’ve given their « married couple » up for lost ? As they reach the brink of separation, do parents wonder about the psychological consequences on their children ?
In order to understand, Christine Lamaziere has met with the families.
This film shows the devastating consequences on children caused by a separation « mishandled » by parents. Everybody including judges, pediatricians, mediators and lawyers agree on one point : divorce itself does not disturb the child so much as the way in which parents separate. If the child is taken hostage, if the child is deprived of a father or a mother, if nobody reassures the child it can be a real trauma.
This film gives food for thought on these adults who may forget about their children’s happiness as they are searching for their individual happiness. A biased film with a firm tone.