a documentary film : MISCHIEVOUS CHILDREN
Director : Marie Danais
Length : 26'
Year : 2006
Producer : Doc En Stock/TF1


Each year, approximately 2,000 young people bring a lawsuit against their parents to get an alimony. They brandish article 203 of the French Civil Code which forces parents to provide for their children’s needs, even after their coming of age. The procedure may look shocking and actually breaks a taboo. Some people without any money don’t have any other choice for survival, whereas others, notably long-term students, don’t hesitate to charge their parents for their financial independence.
Based on the portrayal of three students, the film takes us into their daily life to understand what led them to take their parents to court. This film also gives the floor to their parents, who were tried and sentenced by the courts. What are the parents’ duties? How far must they go to support their children’s demands for independence?