a documentary film : FRENCH IRS COPS
Director : Yvonne Debeaumarché & Camille Le Pomellec
Length : 52'
Year : 2006
Producer : Daniel Leconte


After several months of negotiations, the French Internal Revenue Service accepted to open its door to our journalists. But the soldiers of the French Republic will never show us the other side of the picture, their most efficient methods to hunt down tax evaders: massive use of denouncement, crosschecking data, use of informers and private detectives… We exclusively tell you this story. This film highlights the confusion between what the French IRS is willing to show about its in-house functioning and the « dirty » methods it uses outside. Despite a vague desire for transparency, the tax authorities remain the most opaque government service in France. This film was born from that observation. Instead of making an indictment of that service, our goal is only to show that this service is the French Republic’s last stronghold. In the name of a legitimate hunt for tax dodgers, some of thesemethods clash with the safeguarding of individual freedom.