Mohamed and Women

Director : Lila Salmi & Malek Chebel
Author : Malek Chebel & Lila Salmi
Length : 52'
Year : 2007
Producer : Daniel Leconte


Today Islam becomes more radical and sometimes increasingly aggressive. Women are often the first victims of this radicalization. It constitutes a paradox for a religion which has dealt with beauty, sensuality and sexuality over centuries. This film directed by a woman from Algerian descent explores the relationship between the Prophet Mahomed and women. This film voluntarily promotes an «Enlightened Islam » that talks about love, passion and pleasure. The story of the Prophet is that of an open-minded, sensitive and tolerant man who has always loved women: a storyline very different from the Muslim hard-liners’ narrative that we too often hear today. This film will shatter every preconceived idea on Islam and the life of Prophet Mohamed.