Director : Antoine Vitkine
Length : 50'
Year : 2008
Producer : Daniel Leconte


This document is the history of the book “Mein Kampf” which investigates on the tracks of this accursed book. This book has not got any equivalent in the History. At the alder of the massacres and destructions that “Mein Kampf”, which is a concentrated of hatred and craziness written by Adolph Hitler in jail in 1924, had bred, it defines a real Nazism program. In which conditions had “Mein Kampf” been thought out? What was its impact onto the Nazi process and the German people? What was the status in the Western Democratic countries, forbidden or permitted? Who collect the authors’ rights? Who are these editors who keep publishing it? How can they explain the interests for “Mein Kampf”? From Landsberg’s fortress to the Middle East, this documentary tells us the path of “Mein Kampf”.