a documentary film : GROWING YOUNG
Director : Stéphanie Kaim
Length : 50'
Year : 2006
Producer : Daniel Leconte


Growing old today in France is not always a delightful prospect. Some senior citizens get organized and extricate themselves from boredom. They concoct a « golden retirement » in which sunny weather instead of money is the keynote! Louise, 64 years old, Margot, 85 years old, Georges, 86 years old, Paulette and her female pals and many others have decided that retirement means a fresh start, a new life. Since a few years, to avoid loneliness and to enjoy their retirement, they go spend the winter in Tunisia. And they aren’t the wealthiest senior citizens. In Zarzis, a hotel has specialized in lengthy stays for senior citizens. It offers the beach, the sun, affordable prices, laughter and a careful staff. Each year, regulars meet to rejuvenate themselves in an atmosphere of children’s holiday camp… except that the children are 70 years old on average.