Fucking Hooligans !

Director : Christophe Weber
Length : 50 '
Year : 2005
Producer : Daniel Leconte


« Firms », this is how football hooligans call their gangs. Like their predecessors, it is either a passion for football or pure violence interfering with the game which connect today’s Hools. In addition, besides the sports aspect, hooligans unite to protect their own turf and they proudly assert their proletarian identity. Our documentary allows many of them to testify and to comment on the silent pictures of violence shown by the media.
These hooligans confess themselves and tell us about their « culture » and the « family » they founded in the world of hooliganism. In short, they reveal their world which they all describe as great, crazy and immoral.

Award of the best documentary for Art & Culture to Scoop d’Angers Festival 2005