A veil for the Republic?

a documentary film : A veil for the Republic?
Director : Ted Anspach
Length : 50'
Year : 2008
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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This field work documentary shows how religion is stepping into the public space: hospitals, school cafeterias, swimming pools… Even civil servants’ holidays can now be planned according to one’s religious calendars! In France – secular country if there ever was one – dramatic changes are underway. And the same process happens all over Europe… Religion sneaks into the public sphere every day. In Italy, creationists are going after teachers and the government does not seem to find it problematic. Could creationism take over tomorrow’s textbooks, as the Italian Ministry for education suggested? Could official sharia courts recently introduced in United Kingdom influence British law? Based on concrete stories, this film raises questions which concern us all. Could religious imperative and communitarian behavior threaten social cohesion? A film on a gripping social issue displaying a thorough investigation and avoiding the usual political clichés on religion…