Denmark: Land of Happiness

a documentary film : Denmark: Land of Happiness
Director : Ted Anspach & Sophie Jeaneau
Length : 50'
Year : 2009
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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Did you know researchers from the University of Leicester have established the first ever World Map of Happiness? And the happiest nation in the world is… Denmark! It became very interesting for us to understand from the inside why this people is the happiest in the world. Even if according to an American economist, it is because the Danes have low expectations in life: lower expectations leading to fewer disappointments too ! But for others it is explained by full employment! Others explain it by the presence of a strong welfare state! Others say it has to do with the fact that students are funded to study abroad and benefit from full employment! Denmark is not an exception, but rather the tip of the Scandinavian iceberg. Whether they are Norwegians or Finns, Scandinavian countries consistently stay in the top 10 of the World Map of Happiness, whose authors are not Scandinavian by the way! What are the sources of Scandinavian happiness? Where does it start? In Denmark, in Iceland or elsewhere, this film will meet with these people to understand what makes them happy.