The World according to Benedict XVI

a documentary film : The World according to Benedict XVI
Director : Antoine Vitkine & Anna Kwak
Author : Antoine Vitkine & Anna Kwak
Length : 50'
Year : 2010
Producer : Daniel Leconte


Pope Benedict XVI leads the world's smallest army and heads the world's smallest country. However, the Pope's worldwide influence far exceeds his military power… He is often described as an austere, solitary and monastic person absorbed in the study of theology and who has a pessimistic view of our modern society. It is hard to read the Pope's seemingly contradictory yet coexistent arguments. On the one hand, he restores the Traditional Latin Mass, rejects the use of condoms, reinstates excommunicated fundamentalist bishops, endorses a harsh criticism of Islam, supports the Legion of Christ in Latin America and pays a visit to Israel which turns into a diplomatic nightmare. On the other, he publishes an encyclical with liberal connotations, promotes dialogue with other religions and supports the canonization of Pope Pius XII…Directors cast new light on the religious, moral and political orientations that Pope Benedict XVI is giving to the Church. An important film to understand how the great influence of a major religious leader goes on our globalized and changing world.