Director : Juliette Armanet, Sandrine Cohen, Stanislas Kraland, Karine Anka, Anna Kwak, Marisa Catini, Géraldine Vinson, André Chandelle
Author : Fabrice Gardel, Yvonne Debaumarché
Length : 8 x 52'
Year : 2011
Producer : DOC EN STOCK


Sex is fascinating and it attracts everyone’s attention. Jealousy, obsession, frustration: sex reveals our dark side, our deepest secrets and backs some of us into an unexpected corner … sometimes into dark abysses. Because boundary line between passion, sex and crime is often very thin. And switching from one to another is all the more violent. Sometimes, you just need a “little something”, a tiny spark to turn a sexual drive into a criminal urge… Therefore, every year, hundreds of crimes are passion or sex-related. We all know of examples. There are crimes shown on tv everyday but there are also those crimes which are committed in darkness. Through eight criminal cases, the “Sex and Crimes” series intend to relate those stories where passion drifts, where the urge is the strongest and where the confusion of senses leads to murderous insanity… Some dangerous liaisons stories between Eros and Thanatos. During 52 minutes, each episode goes back over a new criminal case, a case where sexuality and crime are mixed together, in order to analyze the hidden psychological mechanisms which led to the crime. Each film is shot as closely as possible to the protagonists, their families and friends and even sometimes, the defendant will talk. Stunning stories, more impressive than fictional ones which plunge us into the human soul’s insanity.

Concept: Fabrice Gardel

Editor-in-chief: Yvonne Debaumarché