The Brice Bourrounet case

a documentary film : The Brice Bourrounet case
Director : Juliette Desbois
Length : 52'
Year : 2009
Producer : Daniel Leconte


The Christmas truce is the most emblematic truce. Even warriors observe it; we all share the memory of the Christmas truce during the Great War... In the Bourrounet case, the truce is broken by the victim who does not want to celebrate Christmas Eve in family with his children and grandchildren because he hopes to have some good time with his ex. His daughter bears a little grudge against him… The son knows that for his father, who is a great womanizer, his own freedom comes before his family. For sure, Christmas Eve will be happy; Brice Bourrounet has invited his ex to drink some champagne and who knows maybe… the night will last until the next morning. When his ex arrives to the apartment, nobody answers. Alerted, she asks the landlady to open the door and to accompany her. This is the moment of horror for both women who find the 70-year-old lying in his bed all dressed with his face covered of bruises and wounds. The tails of a leather belt hang on each side of his neck. It seems like the victim has been strangled. Brice Bourrounet is a local personality. So what happened? Who killed Brice? And why?