Tati Express

Director : Simon Wallon & Emmanuel Leconte
Author : Simon Wallon & Emmanuel Leconte
Length : 58 '
Year : 2015
Producer : Daniel Leconte



Jacques Tati is one of the most renowned and most acclaimed French directors abroad. It goes to show that the entire world acknowledges French talent when it deserves it. Tati was a true genius. Not only is he the greatest French director of the 20th century but he is also a major international artist. He has always maintained a complex relationship with modernity, pointing out its dangers for men while shaping modernity at the same time. This film invites you to re-view the great filmmaker’s work through the lens of progress.



TATI FAST intends to tell you about Tati’s career and depict the world changes through the eyes of a filmmaker while being fully aware that this film and this presentation will be made with today’s spirit and techniques.