a documentary film : THE BOOK OF MAN
Director : Emmanuel Leconte, Franck Guérin
Author : Emmanuel Leconte, Franck Guérin
Length : 83 '
Year : 2014
Producer : Daniel Leconte


The story we are offering to tell will follow the evolution of our ancestors: we will go from Africa, to Asia, to Oceania, to Europe and to the Americas. Our story will span several hundred thousands of years. And in terms of dramatic progression, the film will articulate itself around several themes whose titles suggest our very first behaviors: speaking, creating, inventing, writing, and ruling. These verbs will be studied in their larger sense, and will allow us to explore the various facets of humanity as they became more and more ingrained throughout our journey around the planet. These verbs will also structure how the 52-minute episodes will be edited: the first episode could focus on language, the second on art and culture, and we will work out the third and fourth episodes in our writing phase.

In order to more or less straightforwardly re-enact an incredibly complicated story that spans more than 200.000 years, the films will follow a chronologically linear structure, with substantial flash-forwards allowed now and then. By reminding our audience the scale of time that separates us from our ancestors, we will be able to offer them chronological “markers”.