The pink sweat suit case

a documentary film : The pink sweat suit case
Director : Cathy Sanchez
Length : 52'
Year : 2009
Producer : Daniel Leconte


They call him Igor but his real name is Marcel Strasuncki, 67 years old, with greying hair. Better known as the flamboyant artistic director of the « Pink Sweatsuit», a famous cabaret  in Marseilles,  he runs his company of dancers with an iron hand.  But he is a disturbing man. He does not pay his dancers, he cuts off their families’ ties, controls their readings and their outings… all the dancers' lives are under Igor's control. A stranglehold that these former « disciples » interviewed in this film describe as sectarian. When the spotlights are turned off, the stage turns into a libertine dormitory. Igor advocates free love and the renunciation to jealousy , he forms and breaks up couples according to his will. In May 2009, Igor istands trial on charges of sexual assault and rape on minors and he is sentenced to 8 years in prison. According to testimonies, Igor allegedly used his full authority to satisfy his sexual needs  and even on very young girls under the pretext of « energy exchange ». Has Igor crossed the red line as he was playing God? Has the company been manipulated by him ? Through the testimonies of former dancers, legal experts  and Igor's close relatives, this film tries to clear up this strange story based on sex, money and manipulation.