The Millennials vs. The Baby Boomers

a documentary film : The Millennials vs. The Baby Boomers
Director : Stéphanie Kaim & Julie Pagis
Author : Stephanie Kaim
Length : 52'
Year : 2008
Producer : DOC EN STOCK / ARTE France


This film is a thoughtful, touching, even humorous look at the great political, economic, and social divide between the French hippies of yesterday, and their children ... today's French youth. More than ever, France's youth have been coddled and nurtured and cared for in ways there never were before... Yet is this generation of children prepared to face the world ahead? We give a voice to these children of the French baby boomers who are just not making it or are simply not finding their way .... and they are highly critical of the society that their parents have left them.