Generation Iraq

a documentary film : Generation Iraq
Director : Barbara Necek
Author : Barbara Nececk
Length : 52'
Year : 2008
Producer : DOC EN STOCK / ARTE France

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We take a look at four young soldiers about to leave for Iraq in their training base in California. Today tens of thousands of young soldiers continue to sign up for the U.S. military - knowing they are risking their lives. Why do they choose to wear the uniform, and is it really a choice? What is their worldview? What war are they preparing for? What is their understanding of "patriot" and "homeland?" How can we compare this generation to the "Vietnam generation"? The four young recruits, based at Fort Irwin in California: Ryan, Todd, Paul and Felicia, were filmed and interviewed during their final training camp before Iraq. It's a Hollywood-style set that reconstitutes a Middle East town populated with extras. While witnessing their tough workouts, they share their hopes, their dreams, their doubts and expectations.