A cry of love

a documentary film : A cry of love
Director : Laurent Fléchaire & François Bordes
Length : 50'
Year : 2008
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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This film gives voice to men of all ages and backgrounds, with equal frankness and crudeness... allowing them to express all of their fears and all of their confusion. At times, it's belting out a cry for love, as they throw themselves at a woman, in utter desperation, "Hear us, help us find our place beside you. We do not want to send you back to the home, nor contest your rights as women, but please just listen and try to understand our new feelings of doubt and uneasiness." For men, everything must be reinvented. Always sliding between overly macho and overly feminine, it's hard to be proud of being a man today. The film strives to be neither reactionary nor misogynistic. For, if men are in trouble today, it's precisely because the feminist demands back from 1968 were legitimate.