a documentary film : THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE
Director : Barbara Necek
Length : 50'
Year : 2008
Producer : Daniel Leconte


This film proposes us to have a look on the biggest anti-Semitic manipulation of the 20th century, created as a way to prove the existence of an “International Jewish plot”.  “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is a report, depicting secret meetings where the religious authorities, the Elder of Zion, would have decided upon the best means to make the Christian civilization disappear. This fake has been used all over the world as a justification for anti-Semitic speeches. Historians have been working for years to deconstruct this imposture, one piece after the other. But nothing seems to be able to stop it. Indeed, the Protocols keep fuelling anti-Semitic theses.  The Protocols seem to live a second youth in the Arabic countries. Recently, in the speeches of the Algerian FIS and Hamas, references to the Protocols can be found…