a documentary film : A HEALTHIER APPROACH  TO HEALTH
Director : Fabrice Gardel & Sandrine Cohen
Author : Fabrice Gardel & Sandrine Cohen
Length : 50'
Year : 2011
Producer : DOC EN STOCK

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Michel Serin, the only general physician at Saint Amand, knew that he was not capable of handling all 3,600 residents by him but he was being able to take care of all the patients. So he decided to begin this real-life adventure where the focus is on the patient though his dream would be hard to realize. Then he created the « Maison Amandinoise » grouped a panel of professionals in the medical sector which provided a concrete response to put an end to the isolation of working in a rural area. It’s the first health center in France. Today, three general physicians and 14 other health professionals work there. This awe-inspiring adventure is told through the eyes of several truly magnetic characters. In fact, the role of health centers was recognized by the hospital health law “Patients Territoriales” in 2009.