What Do Eastern European Girls Dream About?

a documentary film : What Do Eastern European Girls Dream About?
Director : Alice Cohen
Author : Alice Cohen
Length : 52'
Year : 2007
Producer : DOC EN STOCK / ARTE

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This movie takes you into the somber world of sex and prostitution... as we strive to better understand the true desires and experiences of the "Girls from the East." Zdenka, Claudia, Iolena and Diana are Czech, Slovak, Romanian, Albanian. They are all in France, in a quest to build a better life in the West... some are here just briefly for a shoot or to film porn or erotica... while others stay for years at a time... and some even stay for a lifetime. They are all from the former Communist bloc countries. But today, they have more in common with Westerners, always fantasizing about a better life. These erotic actresses and escort models all dream of better days, lounging around in second-class hotels and airport bars. They battle loneliness and sometimes even moments of terror as they try to construct a personal escape from the shackles of poverty and prostitution.