Black Man in the White House

a documentary film : Black Man in the White House
Director : Barbara Necek
Length : 45'
Year : 2006
Producer : Daniel Leconte


Between Washington D.C. and Michigan State, where the possible repeal of affirmative action should be the issue of a referendum, this film investigates on a wilful policy questioned half a century later... especially by Whites.
Deriving from the American Civil Rights Movement of the 50s and 60s, ‘affirmative action’ was established to correct historical injustices against several groups. In 1965, firms benefiting from federal contracts and universities undertook specific measures to integrate a representative number of each minority. This policy definitely allowed for the emergence of new middle classes and ruling classes. One of the greatest examples of this change is probably the rise of Colin Powell as Secretary of State in 2000 who is in support of affirmative action.