a documentary film : A HISTORY OF TERRORISM: Part One
Director : Michael Prazan
Author : Michael Prazan
Length : 60'
Year : 2012
Producer : Elodie Polo Ackermann


A bomb explodes daily in Iraq and in Afghanistan, taking its toll on dozens of innocent lives. It has become a regular occurrence since 9/11. No society, no country, however remote, is exempt from the threat of a terrorist attack. How did things come to this? This documentary serial is a cold analysis of terrorism, the hottest issue of our time, in its minutest details throughout history: means, objectives and worldwide targets. Throughout three 52 minutes episodes we will explore the genealogy of terrorist movements, their ideology, their practices and their operating methods. We will highlight the turning-points, the shifts and the crossovers responsible for passing on the phenomenon from one organization to another, from one region of the globe to another; the effects of filiations and transmission, both in terms of know-how and of ideological and political heritage.

Part One will focus on the beginnings of the phenomenon, the sudden swings in history that transform the notion of resistance into a notion of terrorism. It will look at the period covering World War Two and the colonial wars.

FIPA 2012 Official Competition