United Colors of God

Director : Tuomas Sallinen
Length : 50 '
Year : 1997
Producer : Daniel Leconte


Why did Gaston Grandjean, the hero of Dominique Lapierre’s best seller, decide to give his life for the inhabitants of Calcutta’s slums? He tells his story for the first time. He enters the seminary as a young student and he becomes a nurse who has one dream: living with the poor. City of Joy (La cité de la joie, Presse Pocket) by Dominique Lapierre, and its Hollywood adaptation featuring Patrick Swayze were based on the life of that man. In 1972, he goes to Calcutta. In the slums, he opens his first free clinic for the lepers and tubercular patients. In the course of his meetings, Dominique Lapierre, impressed by this "hero of mankind", becomes his sponsor.