God save the city

a documentary film : God save the city
Director : Antoine Vitkine
Length : 46'
Year : 2009
Producer : Daniel Leconte

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On a few square kilometers along the Thames, the City, London's vibrant financial district, represents the largest concentration of banks in the world, employing 300,000 people of all nationalities and generating hundreds of billions... day in and day out. In the wake of the world economic crisis, largely due to banks' excesses, the City has so far resisted, even flat-out refused, to be subject to any regulation whatsoever, even in the face of international pressure. And now, everything appears to be going back to the way it was before, with overpaid bankers, hedge funds, and risky practices. And we discover how this little piece of England has become, over the decades, the capital of the world banking system and why it has forgotten its primary mission: to finance the economy.