Zingaro in Japan

a documentary film : Zingaro in Japan
Director : Laurent Portes
Length : 26'
Year : 2006
Producer : Daniel Leconte


About Bartabas, Jérôme Garcin said that he created a world of his own in which normal rules have no place since he disliked the world he was offered. His world is called Zingaro, an equestrian theatre he founded 20 years ago and which grew more popular with shows based on a radical style.
Yet in May 2005, Bartabas succeeded. Zingaro settled in central Tokyo, in a 2,000 seat playhouse built specially for his last show called « Loungta » including 60 performances. The show gathers 26 horses, a dozen riders, dancers, african musicians and ten Tibetan monks throat-singing mantras, performing the art of double voice. This report describes the spectacular encounter between Zingaro and the Japanese public.